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Meet the Maker.

I’m Tim Hartley, the owner and founder of Hartley Interiors. I work as a designer, maker and restorer of traditional and contemporary style furniture. Also selling quality period furniture through my online shop Inspired by the work of Ernest Gimson and his contemporaries I wanted to follow in the footsteps of local furniture designers and craftsmen. After studying in Nottingham for 3 years i started my business . Since then I have worked in the furniture trade on a wide array of bespoke projects with clients, alongside buying and selling interesting furniture mainly from the Arts and Crafts period and earlier.

Individual furniture handmade by myself, restorations undertaken and period furniture sales via shop

—­Tim Hartley

The Online Shop.

The online shop has well known makers and retailers of quality contemporary and period furniture. View via the shop icon above. If what you require isn’t already in my shop contact me and i may be able to source an item. Or maybe have a quality item made for your home, designed and made by myself.


In my studio workshop I produce pieces of quality and craftsmanship all of which are bespoke and made for you by hand. Having a store of hardwoods and veneers available I am able to produce furniture to your specification.
I have been working with wood for over 25 years and have developed a great understanding of how to craft it and what techniques are best to use.

Working with wood for
over 25 years.

New lease of life.

In the workshop I have a regular intake of period furniture in need of restoration or often some attention; to return its appeal and make it desirable once more. I have many years experience in restoring period furniture, resulting in an understanding and passion for tradition.
Major and minor repairs are all undertaken and, if required, finishes from modern spray to French polishing techniques are applied, dependant on the piece and style. Finally, a wax is applied for protection. Should you have a piece in need of some work or if you’re looking to buy furniture I’ve already given a new lease of life, then please get in touch or browse my online shop.

View our current stock of furniture for sale.

Vintage VW Campers.

Being an enthusiast, owner and collector of classic VW’s, over the last few years I have found myself working alongside leading local upholsterers, creating interiors for vintage Volkswagens. Being small areas which incorporate storage, cooking and seating aspects, they should be thought out carefully to offer inventive solutions.
These vans have lead me into both designing and fabricating new and modern forms of interior shapes to compliment their small restrictive spaces. Although small, by creating a bespoke fitted interior specific to each van, I am able to add value. Consequently, I have received much praise and support from the VW community. Working with leading upholsterers, we have featured in various magazines and even in the TV programme ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’. We have fitted out van interiors from all over Europe, for owners who desired quality and bespoke solutions rather than a ‘Flat-pack-kit’.

Take a look at our vintage VW Camper interiors.

Get in touch.

Got an idea for your next project? Then get in touch and lets make it happen! If you have any questions or simply want to know more get in touch and we can discuss your ideas.